Hello! My name is Abigail (my pronouns: she/her/hers). I’m an interfaith chaplain and ordained Unitarian Universalist minister who is deeply invested in spiritual care and social justice work.

I’m all about the good news of interdependence, from galaxies to mycelium to me and you, and the fierce love that liberation asks of us–from building communities of care to dismantling oppressive systems. I believe we need each other, and I’m all in for the work of collaboration and collective dreaming/doing.

A Little More About Me

Originally, I hail from Charleston, South Carolina, where I was born and raised. I went to Boston University for college, where I became deeply involved in interfaith activism and social justice work. 

After that, I completed my Master of Divinity degree in Interfaith Chaplaincy at Claremont School of Theology in Southern California, an intentionally interreligious institution.

I now serve professionally as a chaplain in Portland, Oregon, where my work especially focuses on palliative care and journeying with people through the end of life.

I also continue to explore the role of spiritual care in social justice movements, engage in activism work, and stay involved with my Unitarian Universalist community locally and nationally. In addition, I find joy in improv, creative writing, communing with trees, and whipping up my Nana’s recipe for biscuits and gravy (because the revolution will, obviously, include comfort food).