The Protest Chaplain’s Handbook

For my Justice in Spiritual Care class in 2016, during graduate school, I put together this handbook, which is intended to integrate critical social justice theory with spiritual care in a way that can be used—literally—on the streets.

Since then (and before, during, and after), much amazing work on the field of Movement Chaplaincy has been done. I particularly encourage you to check out the work of the Faith Matters Network around Movement Chaplaincy, which you can find here.

I also continue to offer this handbook as one resource among many that are available out there:

Aimed both for religious communities looking to be more involved in justice work and activist communities looking to integrate spirituality into their actions, this handbook is a resource for religious or spiritual leaders who will be involved in protests and are interested in providing spiritual care in the context of direct action. Grounded in Unitarian Universalism, this handbook provides pluralistic resources which can be used in interfaith settings and customized for use by those of other religious traditions.

You can download the PDF here, or to preview and order a physical copy via print-on-demand, click on the cover image below: