In case you hadn’t noticed so far, I’m a recently graduated student. I did a lot of projects…

And since I spent my blood, sweat, and tears on them, I thought I’d make them available to you, too:

Co-Resist Design

Inspired by my professor Najeeba Syeed saying, “We need interreligious scholarship that is beyond coexistence and dialogue. That gets to our need for co-resistance,” I took a spin on the infamous interreligious “CoExist” sticker to create a “CoResist” one. I’ve opened it up to the public domain, so feel free to use, share, print, make … Continue reading Co-Resist Design

The Protest Chaplain’s Handbook

For my Justice in Spiritual Care class, I put together this handbook, which is intended to integrate critical social justice theory with spiritual care in a way that can be used—literally—on the streets.

Prison Chaplaincy Website

For my Chaplaincy in Contexts class, my final project was creating a website called Prison Chaplaincy 101, a resource for people interested in prison chaplaincy. It contains information on becoming a prison chaplain, the challenges of prison chaplaincy, and more.