One of the joys of my work as a minister and chaplain is helping to craft and lead ceremonies which mark our major life events–from birth to death, and everything in between.

I believe that having rituals are an important part of making meaning in our lives, and I love working with folks to create inclusive, personalized ceremonies to celebrate and honor life’s most significant milestones, while being reflective of their own spiritual needs (whether those be of a certain religion, “spiritual but not religious,” or no religious affiliation at all!).


Love is a sacred and special thing, and I cherish working with all kinds of couples (especially my LGBTQ+ beloveds!) to create personal wedding ceremonies that reflect their own love story and commitment to each other.

I especially love getting creative with interfaith and spiritual elements reflective of the couple’s own spiritual needs, and cultivating a spirit of deep joy and connection on the day of!


All the ways we remember the ones we have lost matter–from a full funeral service or celebration of life, to a simple and intimate graveside service or scattering of ashes.

As a chaplain who specializes in palliative care and end-of-life work, I am deeply familiar with grief and bereavement, and I bring this experience to crafting inclusive memorial services which honor the life story of the person being remembered, while also holding their loved ones in support and love in this time of loss.

Other Rituals

Our lives are varied and complex, and we find ourselves in need of rituals to mark all kinds of changes and milestones, from child blessings, to transgender naming ceremonies, to vow renewals, to so much more.

As a spiritual professional, I so appreciate the opportunity to creatively craft new rituals for these important life moments so that they feel personal, significant, and sacred for all involved.